Principal’s Desk

Prof. Jadhav U B

Principal, S. N. D. Polytechnic, Babhulgaon

M. Tech. Computer Science Engineering

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Experience: 13 Years

Paper Published: 09

Prof. Jadhav U. B.

Principal, S.N.D. Polytechnic, Babhulgaon

We at S.N.D. Polytechnic continuously strive to impart Quality Education along with high ethical and moral values which enable us, not only to mold our student as successful diploma engineers but also as disciplined citizens of our Nation. Also, we continuously upgrade and maintain world-class infrastructure keeping pace with the rapid technological developments. S.N.D. Polytechnic is one of the best polytechnics of the region, imparting quality education to its students, with special emphasis on personality development. Participation in competitions, industrial training & visits are regular features of college and are financially supported by the college.

Life at the campus is hectic with college theory and skill tests, semester examinations, practical submissions, co-curricular & extracurricular activities. The students are initially baffled but guidance from teachers gradually makes students confident and relaxed. The raw and unpolished students entering the college leave as confident and self-assured diploma holders. Of course, a lot of hard work goes behind this transition as they say a gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials. We believe truly that quality education is a necessary precondition for a better world and pledge with efforts to ensure that our Polytechnic will meet all your children’s needs in well-equipped, well-resourced and well-staffed campuses that are essential in the quality of the education they provide. We take pride in our commitment to offer programmers that draw on research and best practice as well as acting with the wealth of knowledge and experience of our competent faculty. Together, we aim to create a relevant, engaging and challenging educational experience for all our students.

Gear up for the hard work and I am sure you will enjoy your three years. Thank You,
Prof. Jadhav U. B.,
Pricipal, S. N. D. Polytechnic, Babhulgaon